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Membership Policy

All students in the Centre are welcome to join our membership and enjoy the benefits. Please make a payment online and fill the membership application form upon your arrival in the Centre. We keep our right to refuse your application at some circumstances and we will refund all your payment if you paid in advance.

All new students are recommended to join the Tai Chi classes and seminars as a member of Tai Chi Centre. The membership will be benefit from FREE covering of training insurance and keep you updated with all future events.

The following price policy will take place for all the classes organized by the Tai Chi Centre.

Membership welcome pack: £25.00 per person;

The Membership welcome pack include: a Tai Chi for Health paperback (£18) book, Tai Chi 11 Short form Dvd (£19) and a Tai Chi Foundation dvd (£15). It is a great value for you to become a member of Tai Chi Centre and this offer is only for new member to purchase at the time when you sign up the membership.

Membership options

Silver Membership: Two classes a week for Beginners classes only; The price is £39.00 a month.

Gold Membership: Unlimited access to all classes; The price is £49.00 a month.

Diamond Membership: Unlimited access to all classes and entitle to book a 30 minutes session of Free private lesson with Grandmaster Liming Yue once a month (exclude April, August and December); The price is £68.00 a month. The Diamond Membership is limited to 15 advanced level students and must be approved by the Centre so please contact the Centre first before you sign up..

Annual Membershp: Unlimited classes and seminars run by Grandmaster Liming Yue in the Centre at any time during the year; includes a Free Tai Chi Centre Kung Fu suit and a private lesson with Grandmaster Liming Yue once a month (exclude April, August and December); The price is £1580.00 a year and requires full payment upon sign up the membership.

The membership is a monthly contract basis and can be cancelled at any time if you no long to train in the Centre. As we are closed on Bank holidays and Christmas and New Year season so we will offer you one month Free membership or one day of free any seminar when you completed the full 12 months of membership. You are welcome to instruct us which option you would like to take once it happens.

None Membership: Students are also welcome to train in the Centre at Pay as you train basis. The prices are vary and start from £6.00 per session (50minutes) per person. Please refer to our classes page for details.

Membership payment and photograph

Please take a passport picture with your phone and send it to liming.yue@taichicentre.com once you made payment.
Please select Membership program

Payment methods

All students should pay membership online prior to your arrival in the classes.

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